How powerful is the Easter sales in March? Cross-border sellers will understand after reading this article!

As we all know, there are two holidays in March, namely St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, both of which have considerable marketing value. However, after all, cross-border sellers are flesh and blood and have limited energy. Which holiday is more worthy of spending more effort?

Globally, Easter is a more widely celebrated holiday, as it is one of the most important religious festivals in the Christian world.

Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world, with billions of followers. Therefore, Easter has large-scale participation in the Christian community; St. Patrick’s Day, although celebrated in the Irish and descendant communities, is relatively small. Outside of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is often celebrated to a more limited extent, with relatively low attendance.

Overall, Easter has greater participation worldwide, especially among Christian communities.

Therefore, cross-border e-commerce sellers who are hesitant between these two holidays can devote more time and resources to Easter, which is almost the most important holiday in the second quarter of each year.

At the beginning of the article, it is still necessary to give a brief description of Easter. Easter is an important holiday in the West. It falls on the first Sunday after the full moon of the spring equinox each year. In 2024, it will be March 31.
It is a Christian festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his crucifixion. Also known as Easter, Lord’s Easter, and Catholicism also calls Easter.

According to this line chart from Google Trends, we can see that the popularity of this religious holiday on the Internet has also been high in the past 12 months. There were signs of attention at the end of January, and it increased all the way to the celebration of Easter in April. Let’s look at the queries related to it.

Source: Google Trends

In addition to the popularity, a wave of consumption mainly focused on decorations or gifts also hit the cross-border coast.

The first keywords that catch your eye are “Easter wreaths”, “Dress for girl”, and “Egg” on the homepage, and “Batman eggs” and “Baskets” on the next page. These words that hide business opportunities also correspond to Easter. Huge consumption potential.

Let’s take a look at the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics to see the relevant annual statistics they publish.

According to an annual survey report released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, consumers plan to collectively spend $24 billion on Easter in 2023, up from $20.8 billion in 2022 and the previous high of $21.7 billion in 2020. In addition, 81% of Americans will celebrate the holiday, spending an average of $192.01, a record high.

Source: NRF

In terms of consumer goods, both NRF and Statista have statistics.

According to the picture, the top items in the Statista report are food, clothing, gifts, candy, flowers and decorations;

Source: Statista

The NRF classifies consumers in more detail, and the ranking results are slightly different from the former, including food, candy, gifts, clothing, greeting cards, decorations and flowers.

Source: NRF

Although there are slight differences between the two organizations, there are not many categories that consumers are keen on. Cross-border sellers can refer to this chart to select products according to their own needs.

Now that we’ve talked about product selection, let’s adhere to the principle of coming here and let’s talk directly about the categories that we have to choose for Easter and the icing on the cake options.

1. Customized decorations and gifts

As a joyful and lively festival, all kinds of gifts and decorations are an important part of the festival atmosphere, among which colored eggs, rabbits and chicks are particularly representative elements.

Specifically, Easter wreaths that show vitality, light and joyful Easter bows, and signs with these two elements are relatively common;

During Easter, people usually graffiti, decorate or give each other eggs decorated with various patterns. This is a traditional element symbolizing rebirth and recovery. Therefore, cross-border sellers can choose handmade eggs, DIY eggs, candy eggs or Easter egg pendants and stickers are very popular categories among consumers;

Rabbits are considered to represent the continuation of life due to their strong reproductive ability, so rabbit-style customized dolls, candy baskets, ornaments and other decorations are particularly popular at Easter and are often used to give gifts to relatives and friends on this day.

2. Customized clothing

Easter selections are inseparable from its theme, and the same goes for clothing.

Cross-border sellers need to start from the perspective of “recovery” – try to choose bright and light spring colors such as pink, blue, and green in terms of color. In terms of style, because the festival coincides with early spring, T-shirts, sweatshirts and other light outing wear are of course is the first choice, and because Easter activities include family group play, parent-child costumes are also a good try.

After the basic selection of products has been listed, we still need to conduct actual research on the actual market situation and check for gaps in the product selection suggestions.

Let’s start with Amazon. Search for “Easter” and see what words customers continue to enter.

The first place on the list is “Easter decoration”. As expected, decorations are very popular during Easter, and the space Xiao Ding has spent here is not in vain; the second place is “Easter basket stuffers”, this one is filled with candies, colored eggs, and bunny dolls. , greeting card stickers and baskets of small crafts;

The remaining “eggs” and “candy” have been introduced before, so we won’t go into details. Some sellers may not know much about the “Easter table runner” inside, so here is a brief introduction:

The so-called “Easter table runner” is a long decoration used to decorate the dining table for Easter. It is usually printed with Easter-themed patterns such as eggs, rabbits, spring flowers, etc. The specific application scenario is as follows

The categories related to the search on Etsy are not much different from the products we mentioned before, Easter baskets, Easter decorations, Easter wreaths, Easter clothing and Easter basket tags. The last one is missing from this article, so I will talk more about it. Two sentences.

“Easter basket tag” is regarded as a decoration, usually made of acrylic or wood, with the main pattern and shape being a rabbit, and is hung on the Easter basket to appear as a matching item.


The product selection part gives everyone some advice, and the last part is classic holiday marketing advice.

1. Easter theme design

Easter-themed designs should contain elements full of festive and spring atmosphere. Therefore, cross-border sellers should use rabbits, colored eggs, and spring flowers as inspiration, cleverly integrate them into the design, convey the joy and rebirth of Easter through unique patterns and copywriting, and inspire customers. Holiday shopping fun.

In addition, a well-designed Easter theme will inject vitality into the brand, attract more attention, and make customers feel the joy of the festival when shopping.

2. Launch Easter gifts

Create and launch an Easter gift series, including Easter-themed T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. Each product is inspired by elements such as rabbits, colored eggs, and spring flowers, making it uniquely creative and warm. It is worth paying attention to sellers that the gift series focuses on quality and practicality, which not only fits the Easter atmosphere, but also is a perfect choice for gifts to relatives and friends.

In this way, through clever matching, a variety of parent-child outfit combinations can be created, so that the whole family can spread warm laughter during the festival. This series of gifts is designed to bring customers a pleasant shopping experience and become their unique and meaningful Easter gifts.

3. Social media promotion

Develop your Easter campaign on social media and promote the holiday spirit with eye-catching images and fun content to share.

*Use relevant tags and topics to increase brand visibility and stimulate user interaction.

*Publish Easter-themed videos, stories or live broadcasts to showcase the stories and design inspiration behind the products, bringing the brand closer to users.

*Enable fans to share their Easter preparations and shopping experiences, building a sense of brand community.

*Use advertising strategies to accurately locate target audiences to ensure wide coverage of promotional activities and increase brand awareness.

4. Publish blog posts and stories

Use blog posts and stories to dig deeper into the cultural connotation of Easter and share a unique perspective related to the brand’s philosophy.

*Write about traditional customs, DIY customized handmade tutorials or creative stories behind the brand to inspire readers’ enthusiasm for the festival.

*Cross-border POD sellers use attractive text and beautiful pictures to attract more visitors to browse the website.

These articles not only convey product information, but also serve as an important bridge to establish emotional connections with customers, allowing readers to gain a deeper understanding of the brand and increase repurchase and brand loyalty.

5. Develop email marketing

Send engaging Easter-themed emails to your subscribers through email marketing.

* Highlight new product launches, limited-time promotions and exclusive discounts to create a sense of urgency for shopping.

*Incorporate eye-catching Easter-themed graphics into emails to make the content lively and interesting.

*Share the story behind the product, design inspiration and brand vision to build an emotional connection.

*Meet the needs of different customers through personalized recommendations.

* Provide clear shopping links to guide subscribers directly to the online store.

*Use email signatures and closing lines to highlight special offers for a limited time to stimulate subscribers’ shopping interest.

This round of tests cannot be slacked off, especially Easter, which is as famous as Christmas. The consumption battle is not small. I wish all cross-border sellers to work hard and achieve great Easter sales! Hot sale in March!

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